Prose, Grades 7 – 9: Third Place

Eyes — Sararosa Davies

Eyes, whether deep blue, earthy brown or a piercing green, are the gateway to someone’s soul.

They admire the beauty on the surface yet they see deeper than skin’s length. No other part of the human body has such a capacity to see both sides. No logic controls the eyes. They simply see what’s in front of them. Eyes see with no bias. They just feel. Just with someone’s glance, you can feel the warmth of her heart or the tingly, giddy nervousness he sends down your spine. Eye contact can send a message that only the receiver understands.

When that person you can’t get off your mind makes eye contact, you blush and your mind races. No words, no communication, just a look can make you fall in the best way possible. Eyes can translate the language of love into something anyone can speak with fluency. Even the stutterers or the ones who can’t get a word out understand the glance.

Never rely just on a glance. Eyes are only the start to looking into the soul. Never take them for granted. Talk, laugh and love with the ones you care about, for these truly teach you how someone’s soul glows.