Poetry, Grades 7 – 9: Second Place

The Leaf Will Be You — Sararosa Davies

You remind me of a fallen leaf

being carried by the wind;

falling, floating, a swifter ocean

while I’m the little kid; brisk breath and warm hands

With my fingers slender–blanketed

in a velvet layer of fabric skin

My legs are needles, sewing a swift pattern

Through the crisp apple air

I run, jump, then tumble

trying to catch you, the leaf, while

I can As this day leaves us

With the sun signing out–

I bid you a farewell

I send a message of hot chocolate

lapping at our tongues

And the wicked embers of a fire

inviting us for a day in,

in two days or tomorrow

Our when and where may change

Evolving from a jump into a chex mix of leaves

To a war between castles –molded by sand paper hands

No matter how the sky looks or how the air remembers

Whether it’s a silent gray

Or a pulsing sheet of blue

I’ll still be the kid

and the leaf will be you