Poetry, Grades 10 – 12: First Place

If You Were Here — Baila Elkin

If you were here the cowslips would turn into golden bells

If you were here the ringers would be the snails and their shells

Would be the drums the drummer ants would come and beat upon

To serenade the setting sun and welcome in the dawn

If you were here.


If you were here the music score would be the light of day

If you were here conductor trees and orchestras would play

With sweetest of soprano swifts and bullfrog baritones

The woodwind reeds would climax in a crash of cymbal stones

If you were here


If you were here upon the inside of my heart the strings

Would resonate vibrations as each one bursts forth and sings

If you were here each path I walked each staircase I could climb

Would be within the symphony of my footsteps keeping time

The chorus of the heavens wide would seem to be so near

If you were here