Poetry, Grades 10 – 12: Second Place

Winter Fun — Yasha Hoffman

It is a perfect winter day

The world is held by snow

I do not know just what to do

But I know it’s ten below.


So I dress up and go outside

And walk into the shed

What should I pick?

I look around

And finally pick the sled.


But wait! I think that I recall

That the sled hurts my knees

I hem and haw and stall some more

And finally spot the skis.


Well all of that is well and good

But skis give me bad luck.

So after some more thorough thought

I get the hockey puck.


I start to rush to get my stick

But then I stop and wait.

Hey, wouldn’t it be better if

I simply got my skates?


With skates in hand I make my way

Down to the skating rink.

But at the moment I draw near

The sun begins to sink.


I gasp! I cry! I shout! I wail!

For now the rink is closed!

Dejectedly, I wander home –

And with a runny nose.


I stay in bed that whole long week

With dust and drafts and mold

If I could choose a winter sport

I wouldn’t have this cold!