Poetry, Grades 10-12: Honorable Mention

Sinking — Sydney Fine

She said dear Sydney, welcome to
He said welcome, you have been
They said been accepted
Catch me I’m falling
He said to our school, the class
She said of 2018, congratulations
They said congratulations, please
Catch me I’m falling
They said send a deposit
She said to secure
He said secure a spot at our school
Catch me I’m falling
She said we know
He said you will succeed at our
They said at our wonderful, phenomenal, stunning, fantastic, superior school
Please, I am falling
Apparently he understands
She understands me from a couple of wistful lists
Spinning, grasping for particles of present
Cradle me, take me back
Tell me not to cry because it’s okay
They tell me the next four years will be
Hard, hard, rock me hard
I am a ship lost at sea
See, he said
Rocking, you my lighthouse
He said your time will be well spent here
Hear my S.O.S.
Falling faster than you know
Know we care about your well being they said
No one told me to put on a life jacket
Before you embark on your journey she said
He said take it all in
In the ocean, your stuffed animals aren’t there to rescue you
You should, he said, enjoy your last year here
Here, I’m lucky to have a weak steering wheel
We’ll be waiting a reply they said
Lead anchor sinks
She said let it sink in
I’m not going anywhere
They said you’re going to college
To dangerous waves I’m taking a pledge
Save me I’m falling over the edge
They said we are the door to a vast expanse of knowledge
My head is drenched
Fists intensely clenched
Catch me I’m failing