Poetry, Grades 7 – 9: First Place

Great Bubbie — Netanya Sadoff

While older cousins and distant uncles

Fondly reminisce

I can only remember fragments about her

Like tiny pieces of a mirror that smashed when I was still young

They litter my mind, these small moments and things

They flicker in and out, like fireflies on a humid Minnesota evening:

Peach tea and dried cranberries

A hunched-over walker with tennis ball feet

Floral antique furniture with plastic sheeting

An antiquated TV with bunny ears

My Bubbie fondly calling her “mom,” confusing my young mentality

Stern adults, yelling “don’t touch the glass things!”

A photograph framed in her living room of my Bubbie as a child

A tiny kitchen with apricot walls and wicker baskets


And then