Poetry, Grades 10 – 12: Second Place

Undecided — Batsheva Silverberg

Sitting in a desk
Pencil poised over paper
Ready to write

I think and think
My mind wanders
I drop my pencil
Eyes close

My mind fills with dreams
Of pencils
Of paper
Of words chanting
“write me write me”

Luxurious obscene catapult serene
Articulate descend pretentious amend
They spin around my head
Exemplify hits my left cheek

I am trying to decide what to use
When the whole world starts shaking
And everything disappears

I look up
And find my mother
Has shaken me

I go back to sitting at my desk
Pencil poised over paper – again!
Staring at my paper – again!
But my problem is different
Before, I didn’t have anything to write
Now I have too much to write
Still undecided