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We’d like to have the opportunity for the Keren Or community to learn, grow as artists, and keep in touch throughout the entire year.  Click on the Facebook icon to the left and join us on Facebook. This space is for former and aspiring contestants to describe their current creative work, to let us catch up on their activities after they have graduated out of the contest and to share reactions to the posted written and photographic entries. Help us to make our Facebook group an interactive forum for discussions of the creative process and how it is framed by current events, personal, or in the larger world.

Tell us about where you are and what you’re up to!

What are you working on?
What do you think about this year’s winning entries?
Share your creative process!

Please keep the discourse civil and respectful – we expect it to be related to our mission – to promote artistic interest and accomplishment among the young Jewish members of our Minnesota community.  We invite your participation, and look forward to lively discussion and exchanges in the near future.