Poetry, Grades 7 – 9: First Place

Listening Is Difficult — Netanya Sadoff

If you are like me,
Concentrating is troublesome
When you have ADHD.
People will say
My head’s in the clouds,
But in reality I can’t focus
Near rather loud crowds.
Some days I forget
To swallow my meds,
On these days there is
Too much going on in my head.
When sitting I squirm,
When reading I stim,
I act quite childish
When things get too grim.
I hear others laugh,
I sure hear them tease,
But I really don’t care
They may do as they please.
Doodles and creatures
May cover my work,
But drawing helps me focus
On what teachers sperk.
In the morning I’m distracted
I can’t keep time straight,
I look at the clock
And I’m already late.
Now after you read this
I hope that you see,
Life ain’t all that easy
Living with ADHD.